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Under the expert management of Firas Zahabi, the undisputed expert in the field of Mixed Martial Arts and a Personal Trainer beyond reproach, TRISTAR GYM has attained an enviable position when it comes to training the best of the best athletes, without question!

For specific goals with time bound schedule and specific disciplines in sight, please choose one of the following options so we could arrange Expert Consultation for a nominal fee.

With vast amounts of training, expertise, experience in handling different challenges as well as analytical skills bar none, our Personal Trainers have a lot more at stake than their personal reputation, they have their individual careers on the line.

We offer both ‘In Gym’ as well as ‘At Your Facilities’ consultations with the sole aim to prepare you to be a better prepared individual in today’s fast-paced work environment.

Please tell us about yourself and your goals and submit the Consultation Request duly filled out so that the most appropriate Trainer could get in touch with you without delay:
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