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1. I'm a Beginner... can I still join?
Absolutely! We offer specialized classes for Beginners where we teach you anything and everything you need to know related to Fighting and Combat Sports.
2. Do I need to be a PRO Fighter to train at Tristar?
No, we train all levels!
3. Does Georges St-Pierre train at Tristar?
Yes, he does!
4. How do the classes work? Can you give me some more information?
Our classes consist of Physical training, combined with Technique and Sparring. The disciplines vary from class-to-class.
5. I'm ready to fight. How long will it take before I can have my first fight?
All depending on how commited you are, it could be in as little as 6 months. However, if you don't take things seriously, that 6 months can easily strecth to 5+ years as fighting is an art and we at Tristar need to ensure you have mastered the skill before you step up and face somebody.
6. How much are your membership packages?
We don't publish our prices. Please call us at (514) 343-0148 or send an email to to obtain detailed information.