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Horodecki benefits from time at Tristar Gym

By Dwight Wakabayashi

London, Ont., fighter Chris Horodecki is set to make his debut in the Score Fighting Series this Friday night at the RBC Centre in Sarnia, Ont. The man nicknamed "The Polish Hammer" will be in the main event of SFS 6 as he takes on Calgary's Brad Cardinal.

Horodecki (18-4-1) is known for his aggressive and technical striking and willingness to bang it out. Cardinal replaces original opponent Kalvin Hackney and is a tough veteran of some good battles, come out on both ends.

The IFL and WEC veteran fights out of the Adrenaline Training Center in London and SFS is a very solid Toronto-based promotion that puts on shows throughout Ontario. It's the perfect place to be for the young but experienced fighter. A natural fit for each other.

"It's great man, you know it’s such an opportunity for me to be headlining a card locally, and hopefully this sets something up for London, and have one in my home town," he said in a phone interview this week. "It's ideal, you get the home town crowd, and really the exposure is huge man. How many times is it we see fighters that are the best fighters in the world but they’re not on TV so people can't see, so nobody knows about them."

Coming off a loss in his last fight, it was time to spice it up a bit and his training has taken him away from Adrenaline briefly and landed him in Montreal, at the elite and famed Tristar Gym under Firas Zahabi.

"Yeah I spent a month there. I went there with (teammate and Bellator lightweight) Chad Laprise. I just needed a change more than anything. I got invited there after my last fight by Eric O'Keefe. Actually he reached out to me earlier when (former coach) Shawn (Tompkins) passed (away in August 2011). He was very respectful and just said, 'Hey, our gym is always open to you.'

"I had seen him a bunch of times like at my last fight he was in the same corner as me with Nordine Taleb and then after my fight, with what happened I thought it might be a good idea. Then I saw him two weeks later at Wreck (MMA) in Ottawa, so I said to him, ‘Yeah, I'm coming out,’ and me and Chad went down stayed for two weeks and loved the environment and the atmosphere.

"The incredibly high level of trainers they have just draws people there and the sparring partners, everyone comes sharp as steel. Everyone's level just goes up.

"Firas' teaching method is very cerebral and he's very to the point and very detailed and I really enjoyed his coaching style."

The change and trip to Tristar has other benefits as well.

"When you get to train and spar with GSP it doesn't get much better than that."

Winless in his last two fights Horodecki wants to get something going. What better place to do it than in his own backyard in Sarnia.

Cardinal is a last-minute change but it doesn't seem to matter much.

"It's no big deal man, I was supposed to fight him last year but the timing wasn't right," Horodecki said.

The timing is right now and he seems fresh and up for the challenge.

"I'm just focused right now on Friday night. That's all I got, that's all I'm thinking about."

"I'm expecting to finish him man. He's a tough, he's durable he's been in a lot of fights and wars but I'm looking to come out and put him out. I wanna finish him and I wanna finish him with a bang."

Here is the full SFS 6 card:

Main Card:

150lbs- Chris Horodecki (18-4-1) vs. Brad Cardinal (16-8)

145lbs- John Fraser (10-4) vs. Tyler Toner (13-4)

145lbs- Lyndon Whitlock (7-2) vs. Rick Glenn (11-2)

155lbs- Jorge Britto (12-8) vs. Tony Hervey (14-12)

170lbs- Gerald Meerschaert (15-5) vs. Sergej Juskevic (11-7)

145lbs- Jesse Gross (6-3) vs. Seiji Sugiman-Marangos (5-1)

Preliminary Card:

155lbs- Jason Meisel (3-1) vs. Eric Attard (4-3)

155lbs- Joel Paquette (0-1) vs. Allan Wilson (2-0)

170lbs- Josh Taveirne (2-3) vs. Brett Biederman (1-3)

125lbs- Tyler Kirk (0-0) vs. Malcom Gordon (0-0)

145lbs- Kyle Nelson (1-0) vs. Jo Pehtatagoose (1-0)

170lbs- Kyle Post (0-0) vs. Scott Hudson (0-1)

Dwight Wakabayashi is a featured columnist at Bleacher Report UFC and regular contributor to's UFC section